The Fascinating Story Of A Luxurious Wrist Watch


The wristwatch is an integral part of our life. The world’s first wristwatch was made to look like jewellery. In the early 28th century, this luxurious watch (, which is the term in Thai) was one of the fascinating things people still discussed today.

The Invention Of The Luxurious Wristwatch

The wristwatch in question was created earlier by Louis Cartier, a famous French jeweller, in 1904. The wristwatches were called women’s accessories that were not popular among men. However, another jeweller, Aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, approached Cartier with a problem. She was finding it difficult to use a pocket watch while flying his aeroplane. And at the same time, you want to tell the watch that he could easily read while keeping his hands in control.

To that, the former inventor came up with the solution. He designed a wristwatch that looks precisely like jewellery. The watch had a thinner leather strap and a small rectangular dial that attached to the strap to look. The dial was easy to read and had human numerals. The watch was also powered by the slight movement hidden inside the case.

Success And Popularity Of The Luxurious Watch

The watch was one of the instant successes, and it quickly became popular among all the wealthy Elite of Paris; it symbolised sophistication and luxury. And only then do the other jewellers begin to copy the design. Over time, the design of wristwatches somehow evolved. A few new features were added, including the moon phases, chronograph and automatic movement.

Some famous watch brands, including Rolex, have created their own version of the luxurious wristwatch. Today these luxurious wristwatches are the very symbol of elegance. It is used as an accessory to complement an outfit rather than just using it as a device to check the time. Most people collect these watches as the work of investment and heart. These people appreciate the value of the watches other than the time.

Bottom Line

The story of the world’s first wristwatch was made to look like jewellery. It is one of the fascinating features that we still utilise in our present-day watch. The invention revolutionised the watch industry and created a new trend in fashion. Today if you look at the election wristwatch, it is considered a symbol of sophistication and elegance. It continues to capture the imaginations of watch enthusiasts all around the world.

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